What is the WooHoo Wellness mod?

WooHoo Wellness mod is for the game, Sims 4 by LUMPINOU and comes in the name WoHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul. This mod affects both partners in several ways; Pregnancy preferences and varied reactions, WooHoo Risk, protection, fertility surgeries, WooHoo Transmissible Diseases, Paternity testing and drama, teen pregnancy reactions, cheating module, surrogate mothers and artificial insemination, adoption overhaul, and etc. We can discuss the modules related to this one by one as follows.

In module 1, It’s totally up to you to decide whether to have children or not to have children. You are free to decide what you are going to do regarding Pregnancy Preferences & Interactions Description of features revolving around pregnancy preferences, alongside your partner. Even if you do not match or stick to the same will. All you gotta do is attend parenthood classes or visit counseling together and then complain or enthuse about the upcoming baby, and etc.

In module 2, It is your decision to risk it or not. This module is about Pregnancy Risk & Protection, fertility Description of features revolving around pregnancy risk and the way of staying protected from pregnancy. You can decide and set settings whether to use protection or not and you can specify it from one Sim to another or stay sterilized and etc.

In module 3 of WooHoo Wellness mod, Always you have to be aware of post effects you have to deal with after sex, just like in the real world. WooHoo Transmissible Diseases are on-air always and therefore there are possibilities where Sims can get infected with various WooHoo Transmissible Diseases and even more there can be seen accusing each other of giving diseases or cheating and more and more.

woohoo welness mod


About other modules

In module 4, This includes something exciting, paternity testing where Sims can discover who fathered their child, lie, tell the truth, rope another into marriage, reject offspring, and etc l.

In module 5, This module can be named as Teen Pregnancy Module because with this Teen Sims can get pregnant. Not just getting pregnant but also freaking out about it, making their parents also freak out about it and getting support or kicked out.

In module 6, This is about Unwanted Pregnancy Acceptance. If explained further, Sims can make the mind accept an unwanted pregnancy, and in due case, babies will be born with sentiments of parents towards themselves.

In module 7, This makes post scenarios after getting caught cheating easier. This module changes the sentiment behavior for cheating. Normally after cheating reactions will be sentimental and the result will be a breakup, but depending on the gravity of the fault, this brings solutions for the issues from the added features.

In module 8 of WooHoo Wellness mod, This includes Artificial Inseminations & Surrogacy. With this module, Sims can get artificial insemination, become surrogate mothers or have another third party Sim carry a baby for them.

In module 9, Now here it's about Adoption. Sims are allowed to put their children up for adoption. Yet this ain't a simple thing like just calling a phone number, and comes with a child but more complicated features can be seen. Sometimes Sims may have to fulfill the criteria or requirements of the adoption agents.

In module 10, This is expected To be seen in the near future between late summer 2021 and Late Fall 2022 as partial releases. Thus this is also something we generally see in real life. Situations where parents break up and children are left in the middle to co-parent. Child support, co-parenting elements, relationships failing and mending, amicable or angry divorces are all expected to be seen in this module.

More upgrades to be expected in the future

Hence LUMPINOU is planning on bringing up new upgrades in 2022 to the above-mentioned modules and add ons in the future and they have expressed their ideas about what features they are planning to alter these changes. Finally, the conclusion that we can come to is, with all these new upgrades WoHoo Wellness mod will bring extreme spice to The Sim game.

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